Why The Deli Gate?

The Deli Gate was created to bring the best local food experiences from around the globe to consumers worldwide, no matter where they are. We source high-quality specialties from different countries and regions and guarantee our customers 100% authenticity! What you buy from The Deli Gate is the real deal, no imitations, no lesser versions.

All our products are traceable from production to packaging. We work directly with local farmers and producers and choose our partners based on their craftsmanship and commitment to tradition. We understand that trust is a major factor for conscious consumers. This is the reason we place so much importance on forging a personal relationship with our suppliers. We firmly believe it plays a key role in the quality of the foods they deliver.

The makers of The Deli Gate have over 25 years of experience in global fine foods and beverage distribution. The company headquarter was established in Dubai (UAE), because it is a gateway between Europe, the Middle East and Asia – home to the most famous delicacies in the world! Dubai is also a melting pot of international influences. We draw inspiration from it every day to further the development of our company and of our product portfolio.

Bringing Delicacies to Gourmets Around the World

Why The Deli Gate Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Certified Products

The Deli Gate Organic extra Virgin Olive Oil is labeled with the USDA organic seal.​