Quality: The Deli Gate Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Naturally extracted from fresh Koroneiki Olive fruits grown in Southern Greece, known as some of the best quality olives in the world.

The Deli Gate olive oil is made in Greece. Why Greece?

The Olive tree is perfectly adjusted to the Greek environment with its Mediterranean climate and rich soil. The trees yield fruits even in poor years, and given proper care, organic harvests are always abundant. No chemical solvents, high temperature, or chemical refining are necessary to create the high quality of this oil.

Laconia Region

Koroneiki Olive Oil is deeply intertwined with the history, tradition and culture of the entire region of Laconia. Along the mountain plains are trees of hundreds of years of age. The knowledge that they are sacred and beneficial in myriad ways, is passed down through generations. Olive trees have been cultivated for thousands of years. It is the most important occupation of the local people to this day.

The Queen of Olives

The Laconian Koroneiki Olive groves are near the sea. The fruit can grow in ideal conditions, with long, sun-drenched days and moist fertile soil. Keeping the fruity, unique and mild aroma of the original olive, the Koroneiki oil is considered the favorite of all chefs, giving a fresh, soft and complex flavor. The Koroneiki Olive Oil has some of the highest polyphenol content, offering powerful health benefits.

The Deli Gate Production Method

“Our production method respects more than 100 years of tradition”

Koroneiki Olives are handpicked early in the harvest while still green, in order to access their most exquisite flavor and to ensure their manifold health benefits.
The crop is cold-pressed using state-of-the-art processing. Our Olive Oil is obtained solely by mechanical means, without the use of high temperatures.

The Deli Gate olive oil Flavor

Our Olive Oil has a beautifully fruity aroma that transports any gourmet to the historic Laconian region. The fresh rich flavor of newly harvested olives is met with an intense spicy finish, giving any dish the extra touch.
Drizzled over delicious sautéed veggies, served with oven-fresh bread, baked into olive oil cake or folded into marinades, vinaigrettes or sauces, anyone can get a taste of Greece in just a bite.

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